Believe It Or Not; You Are What You Believe

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What you believe is so important it.  Whatever you believe will dictate what your thoughts are, Your thoughts will then determine what your actions will be.  Your actions then cause you to make the decisions and choices that will ultimately produce the life you  live.  This year is coming to a close; assess what you […]

Breakdown, Breakthrough, and Blossom

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I call it the 3 B’s Breakdown, Breakthrough and Blossom. Once you surrender and realize you can’t do everything by yourself, you will get a breakthrough; and then you will blossom into the fullness of who you really are.


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The year  2012 is about to end.  What an amazing year it has been Presidential election, wars and rumors of wars, Real Estate upside down, unemployment on the rise, the headlines in the paper read, “Economic Down-Turn.  BUT, the good new is, God is still in control, this is the time to trust Him even […]

Feelings Come And Go

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When you feel like quitting or giving up on your dream; Don’t do it! just remember feelings come and go. Keep a picture of your dream vivid and alive inside. Allow no one to trample your dream through negative talk or a smirk. What others think about you or your dream really doesn’t matter; it’s […]

Seeing Is Believing

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In order to realize your dreams you must see it on the inside and then you will be able to see that dream become a reality on the outside. Whatever your dream is, get a clear picture of it on the inside, You’ve heard the old saying, “It’s and inside job”’s true. So get […]


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Now is the time to dream, see the dream on the inside; then take the next step and bring that dream to reality. You can do it! Make a plan, stay focused on the plan, don’t procrastinate any longer  MOVE!  

What is the story you’ve been telling yourself?

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Too often we tell ourselves stories that hold us back.  Stories that say it’s to late, we are  too old, we don’t  have enough money, not smart enough ect.  You get  the picture.  The  good news is :  You can re-write  the story you tell yourself.  As long as you’re alive  it’s  not  too late.  Old […]

Breakthrough? You Choose…

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Your looking for a breakthrough..